My art work

These paintings are not in any particular order. I started out with watercolours and I am most comfortable using that. More recently I tried out acrylic. I have not used oil paints much.

water and the sky- watercolour
purple flower- watercolours

leaf- watercolour and oil pastels

Boat- watercolour

Autumn tree- watercolour

The inspired watercolour painting -my journey starts

Spirit flow out- watercolour

Rose : watercolour 

My first oil painting- its a bit of self portrait as well.

Freedom- used acrylic colours to paint

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur: water colour and pencil colour

Iris- acrylic colours

Listen- acrylic colours

painting of a leaf on a tree bark

The explanation for this painting (water colour) is below.

Freedom for me
    is when I live outside the box.

When I do things out of my heart response
    and not because it's right to do so.

When I flow with the Spirit of God
    and create with Him.

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