Friday, 26 June 2015


These shepherds on the mountains have so much patience. They make sure each one of the sheeps are protected. I saw that they have a dog with them who seem to be well trained.

This picture was taken from our car on the way to Manali.  I was quite fascinated by the herd of sheep.

God is our shepherd...he leads us through ways which we might never have thought about, he protects us from harm and he know where this journey is heading.
So amazing...

I am in a crucial part of my life where I am rethinking my future. I am aware of my shepherd.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

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It's been a while since I last wrote....and so much is going on. One the best things about the past few months is that I have been travelling. I traveled quite a bit in June and then again in July and well in September too. =) First one was Delhi --- Dehradun---Bangalore----Delhi. In July Delhi----Bangalore----Kerala---Delhi. In September did a weekend getaway to Dehradun. In these months I attended 3 weddings of close friends and my cousin.

Here are some pictures


At my friend's wedding. Did the decoration was such a crazy time.

At the wedding with Eva.

Friendly cat in Lalbagh Bangalore 

With Benson

Bangalore: little vine alone the ground.

Such crazy colourful leaves in Kerala

Rain and more Rain ( Kerala)

Moss ( Kerala) 


Nutmeg : this is how it look like on a tree.


So typical ....Dehradun

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Election time

So I voted for the first it .=)


flower and more flowers

Here are some more pictures of flowers and also of the trip I made to the big flower market. 

This is a park near my house. I keep taking photos there.

I went to a flower market yesterday super early in the morning, Here are some pictures of it. 


The flower market

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I just love spring!

Spring is my favourite season. The weather is just prefect not so cold or too hot.
I love the parks around me. They are so full of flowers and fragrances.

Here are some pictures of the month of March and all the beautiful flowers that has been around. These 7 photos are taken from my phone.

I am reading the Lowland currently.

more photos to come. 

The night will never stay

The Night Will Never Stay

The night will never stay,
The night will still go by,
Though with a million stars
You pin it to the sky;
Though you bind it with the blowing
And buckle it with the moon,
The night will slip away
Like sorrow or a tune.

Written by Eleanor Farjeon