Sunday, 3 February 2013

Birds of the city

This picture was taken a while back. These are one of the nosiest pigeons I have seen. Every morning at 7;30 they are fed and before that they wait on the near by tree. Its quite cool to see them just sitting there waiting.
Today as I was sitting near my balcony I saw sparrows making a lot of noise. I haven't seen sparrows for a while but today out of nowhere they were there. I hurried up and  got some rice grains for them. They seem excited and started to eat. of course  I was hiding and watching them. It was great fun.
These are some reports on Sparrows in the city
The common house sparrow, once part of every household, is fast disappearing from urban areas, including Delhi. Ornithologists and wildlife experts speculate that the population crash could be linked to a variety of factors like lack of nesting sites in modern concrete buildings, disappearing kitchen gardens, increased use of pesticides in farmlands and the non-availability of food sources. This report has been taken from Times of India newspaper. 

Seeing the sparrows today was like seeing hope...something that seems to be lost in the city is returning back. People forget while they build their house where will the birds go. More building are made in the city than parks. As human we have the responsibility to look after the nature. If we don't then who well?

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