Sunday, 21 September 2014


It's been a while since I last wrote....and so much is going on. One the best things about the past few months is that I have been travelling. I traveled quite a bit in June and then again in July and well in September too. =) First one was Delhi --- Dehradun---Bangalore----Delhi. In July Delhi----Bangalore----Kerala---Delhi. In September did a weekend getaway to Dehradun. In these months I attended 3 weddings of close friends and my cousin.

Here are some pictures


At my friend's wedding. Did the decoration was such a crazy time.

At the wedding with Eva.

Friendly cat in Lalbagh Bangalore 

With Benson

Bangalore: little vine alone the ground.

Such crazy colourful leaves in Kerala

Rain and more Rain ( Kerala)

Moss ( Kerala) 


Nutmeg : this is how it look like on a tree.


So typical ....Dehradun

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